Bəxtiyar Hacıyev

Bəxtiyar Hacıyev

Baku/17.02.22/Turan: Public activist Bakhtiar Hajiyev continues hunger strike for 40 days. Since yesterday he has refused water and switched to a dry hunger strike, lawyer Elchin Sadigov told Turan, who visited him on 17 February at the penitentiary service hospital.

According to him, Hajiyev lost weight drastically and today he weighs 66.7 kg. He has difficulty in walking and is currently in a recumbent position. A member of the medical establishment is constantly on duty in his room to summon doctors for help in case of emergency.

"Bakhtiyar Hajiyev is in a critical situation, his life is in danger," the lawyer said and added that the activist had refused to end the hunger strike despite entreaties.

For his part, professor of medicine Adil Geybulla considers it extremely dangerous for Hajiyev to go on a dry hunger strike.

"If Bakhtiyar really goes on a dry hunger strike, it is extremely dangerous to his health," Geybulla said.  Without water and food, a person can last no more than two weeks, as the blood will clot and kidney function will be impaired. 

However, in considering that Bakhtiar Hajiye has already gone through a long hunger strike, his limit is much lower.  Therefore, a dry hunger strike of more than one week can cause irreversible pathological changes in the body," said Geibullah.-В06-

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