Bashir Suleymanli is allowed to contact with his family through the glass

  On June 2 a lawyer  Fariz Namazly visited Anar Mammadov ,the  head of the  Election Monitoring and Democracy Studies Center (EMDSC)    and executive director of this  NGO Suleymanli Bashir ,  in the jail of Kurdakhani. According to  the lawyer, they did not complain about the conditions of detention, but do not agree with their convictions and will appeal it. Lawyers have not yet received the verdict and expect that they will be issued a verdict this week, and then will make an appeal. However, Namazly  said that Suleymanli  was allowed to meet with relatives through a glass partition.

"We do not understand  such attitude. While there are free rooms  in prison for meetings, Suleymanli  is not allowed to meet with his family in one of them.

Should such attitude be regarded as a discrimination? Answering this question the  lawyer said that maybe there was a misunderstanding . "But if this happens again , it will be regarded as a bias towards Suleymanli," said the lawyer.

  On  May 26 the Baku  Serious Crimes Court sentenced Anar Mammadov to 5.5 years in prison, Bashir Suleymanli to 3.5 years in prison , while the head of the partner NGOs, Public Association for International Cooperation  of Volunteers, Elnur Mammadov,  received a suspended sentence . They were found guilty of misappropriation , tax evasion , abuse of office and official forgery.

However, local and international democratic community  is  convicted  that they have been  convicted  for independent monitoring of the presidential elections in 2013 and publication of violations during the election campaign and voting on the results of which Ilham Aliyev  was third time elected  the president of Azerbaijan. -06B-

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