Clash in Gazakh, Azerbaijani Border Guard Killed

Baku / 02.24.20 / Turan: At 7 a.m. on February 24, Armenian units attempted to sabotage from the Noyemberyan region of Armenia in the direction of the border post near the village of Gushchu Ayrim of the Gazakh region of Azerbaijan. As a result of the measures taken, one enemy officer was killed, another soldier injured. At the same time, the enemy used mortars and other types of large-caliber weapons. In the course of suppressing the enemy’s actions, the ordinary border guard of Azerbaijan Ibrahim Veliyev was killed. This was stated in the message of the Azerbaijani Border Service.

In turn, the Armenian side confirmed the wounding of its soldier, accusing the Azerbaijani side of provocation. -02D-


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