Court of Appeal does not grant the petition of Avaz Zeynalli to the Press Council

Baku Court of Appeal  upheld the decision of Narimanov district court  on not granting the civil claim  of Avaz Zeynalli , the convicted editor of  "Khural" newspaper, to the Press Council.

Zeynally asked to recognize the illegality of the decision  of the Press Council in September 2011, declaring "Khural" a  "racketeering newspaper", and its inclusion in the "black list."

Plaintiff saw  in this a damage caused to the newspaper’s reputation, and asked the court to adopt a particular decision in respect of the Press Council of abuse of authority.

However, on  2 September, 2013 Narimanov district  Court rejected the claim.

Zeynalli was arrested in October 2011 on the basis of complaints  of then  MP  Gular Ahmadova  on extortion. Although Ahmadova  herself was subsequently arrested and sentenced to three years in prison on charges of fraud; Zeynalli was sentenced to nine years in prison for extortion and tax evasion, and non enforcement of the judgment. International organizations have recognized him a political prisoner. -16D06-

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