FC Karabakh Almost Lost Chances of Succeeding in Europa League Group

Baku / 10.25.18 / Turan: In the third round of the group stage of the European League of the season 2018-2019, the Azerbaijani football club Karabakh suffered a third consecutive defeat.

This time, the Agdamians in their field gave way to the Ukrainian FC Vorskla.

In the first half, despite the full territorial advantage, the champion of Azerbaijan could not hit the target of the opponent's goal with a single strike.

In counterbalance to this, at the beginning of the second half, or rather in the 47th minute, the very first strike of Ukrainians on the goal of FC Karabakh reached the goal. The goalkeeper Wagner made a mistake after hitting Kulach. This goal was the only one in the match.

Thus, FC Karabakh almost lost all chances to succeed in the group.

In the fourth round, on November 8, FC Karabakh will play again with the club FC Vorskla, but this time it will be a guest game.

In a parallel match of this group, the English FC Arsenal outplayed the Portuguese FC Sporting with a score of 1: 0.

After three rounds FC Karabakh without a single point closes the standings in the group.

FC Arsenal with 9 points is in the first place in the group, and FC Sporting with 6 points is the second. The Ukrainian FC Vorskla, gaining the first three points, is located in the third place. -71D-

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