Hotel Marriott Absheron impedes action of independent NGO

Baku/16.04.14/Turan : The hotel Marriott Absheron on Wednesday refused NGO Women for Sustainable Development for the event - a presentation on the results of the project: "Women in peace building: a regional road map."

As reported by the head of the NGO, Shahla Ismail, a lease for the conference hall for the event was signed 15 days ago.

However, in the evening on April 15 , the hotel informed the organizers about the cancellation of the event, without giving any explanation.

The project is dedicated to the theme of the Karabakh conflict and was implemented by 80 people during the year.

In recent years it has become a common practice refusing to provide premises for disloyal NGOs. Typically , events are canceled at the last moment on frivolous pretexts - "sudden power outage," "use of premises by another organization," etc.

And even hotels operating under the global brands o not hesitate to do so.

Thus , according to human rights activists , authorities impede the freedom of assembly, even indoors. On the other hand , it is a violation of freedom of expression and association . -05B06-


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