Lawyer: Leyla Yunus confirms that she was beaten on her head

Lawyer Elchin Gambarov  managed to meet today in prison  of Kurdakhani with his client, Leyla Yunus. The lawyer told reporters that the state of human rights activist after beating  is hard.  "She has terrible  pain in the head, she  is hardly able to speak, making long pauses and partially losing memory. She said that Major Yagubov twice hit her on the head. After that she does not remember many things, but the pain in head all the time  is increasing. Apparently, she had a hematoma on her head. It should be noted that  recently she was  operated on both eyes, and severe blows  on her head can cause blindness," the lawyer said the "Azadlig" radio.

On Tuesday, five lawyers of Yunus said that she was brutally beaten by prison  by a warden, who dragged her across the floor, and hit the kidneys and head. The next day the Prison Service said it was not true.

Leyla Yunus and her husband are accused of espionage in favor of Armenia. She was arrested on July 30, and her husband - Arif was arrested five days later.

They both were recognized by the international community as prisoners of conscience; and  the  true  reason for their arrest is  publication of information on political prisoners in Azerbaijan and exposing corruption and other crimes  by authorities. -16D-

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