Yalçın İmanov

Yalçın İmanov

Baku / 19.10.18 / Turan: The Baku Administrative and Economic Court No. 1 decided to send an appeal by the lawyer Yalchin Imanov to annul the decision of the Bar Association to terminate his lawyer powers to the Sumgayit court. The court explained this with the fact that Imanov lives in Sumgayit.

Earlier, the Bar appealed to the Ganja Administrative and Economic Court for the approval of the decision on the termination of Imanov"s powers. In response, Imanov filed a counterclaim, which was rejected under the pretext that it was incorrectly written.

Thus, in the case of Imanov there will be two proceedings: the Ganja Administrative and Economic Court will consider the appeal of the Bar Association, and the Sumgayit Administrative and Economic Court - Imanov"s complaint about the Bar Association.

The trial is expected to start in Ganja in late October.

Recall that Imanov"s powers were terminated in November 2017 on the basis of an appeal by the management of the Prison Service. The reason for this was the fact that Imanov publicized in the media the complaints of his client, an activist of the Muslim Unity movement, Abbas Huseynov, who had declared his being tortured in the Gobustan prison.

The Bar found a violation of "advocacy" in this.

Note that Imanov is known for his participation in the defense of many political prisoners and his active citizenship. He is among the lawyers suspended from work specifically for rendering legal assistance to opposition members, journalists and civil society activists persecuted by the authorities. -03B06-

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