Masalli Intellectuals Complain of Tyranny of Local Authorities

A group of Intellectuals from the Masalli Association held a press conference in Baku and spoke about the illegal activities of the leadership of the region. 

Mammadaga Eynullayev, Head of the Association said that Rafael Huseynov, appointed chief xecutive of the region in April of this year, continues the practice of civil rights violations.

According to him, no improvements are occurring in the country.

Under this pretext, a regional administration building, which was last repaired just two years ago, was reconstructed. A newly built Heydar Aliyev Center was demolished and rebuilt, just 50 meters from the original location. Fences are built along roads.  The education system is very poor. Aslan Ilyasov, head of the regional education office, sold livestock before being appointed to this position.

Roads in the region are in very bad state.

Head of the district does not accept complainers; those who are permitted to meet with the head are faced with abuse. Members of the Association of Intellectuals are persecuted for their civil activity. When Association member R. Ibadullaev reminded the Huseynov about the upcoming presidential election and they should not cause people’s discontent, Huseynov said him: "Mr. President does not need your votes."

Local authorities extort money from local businessmen, threatening to demolish their belongings under the pretext of "do not meet modern requirements."

The participants of the press conference announced that they will start protests if the situation in the region does not improve.—05C06-- 


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