May the Ismailli events repeat in Masalli region ?

At a press conference  in the Media Center  the Representatives of the Association of Intellectuals of Masalli  told of "illegal actions" of the local executive Rafil Huseynov.

According to them,  over 10 months the leadership of the administration did nothing to solve the problems, and  was busy only with opening  their own commercial facilities.

"Those who protest are blackmailed and threatened," said the head of the Association of Intellectuals, Mammadaga Eynullayev.

According to  them, local authorities strongly oppose  sending complaints to Baku.

The deputy head of the Union, Ramil Ibadullayev, reported that the head of the  region  bought his son a car for 100 thousand dollars, on  which he had committed an accident.

"Chief Executive  thinks that the  region is  his  ​​patrimony, public complaints are not addressed, residents are not received," said Ibadullayev.

Masalli representatives complained about problems in education, health, corruption  and  bad use of the budget, etc.

The  participants of the press conference appealed to the President of Azerbaijan and the heads of law enforcement agencies to take  measures against the head of the  region.  Otherwise,  the unrest similar to  the events in Ismailli, may begin.-16C06-


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