Inspections of sites business will be less

Checks government agencies objects entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan will be limited in law.

As the portal reports under exclusive government information, yesterday the Milli Majlis received the signature of the President under the draft law "On regulation of audits for business and the protection of property rights."

Business areas will be divided into groups of risk, and routine inspections of public institutions, according to the innovations that will be conducted in accordance with them. Intervals of the audits will be no more statutory time limits.

 Businesses with a high risk of industrial activity will be checked once a year. Structure with an average risk will be checked once in 2, with a low degree - once in 3 years.

In order to control food safety inspection in the food industry will be twice more - once in six months in companies with high risk, once a year - at enterprises of middle risk, and every two years - in companies with low risk.

According to the results of the last two inspections, businesses will be awarded a degree of reliability, and the saturation checks will be cut in half. The legislation reflects Determinants of risk business activities.

Turan wrote earlier that the order to address issues facing the development of small and medium-sized businesses, a network of non-governmental organizations of Azerbaijan has drafted "Support Small Business" (funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)).

According to the president of the network Sabit Bagirov, the concerns of business in Azerbaijan are monopolizing the market, administrative barriers, corruption and poor rule of law, the availability of funds and low literacy of the businessmen. - 17D-


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