Media review for April 8, 2020

Measures to eliminate the coronavirus pandemic on the economic, social, financial life of Azerbaijan, the situation with the coronavirus are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the Cabinet’s Action Plan, approved by President Ilham Aliyev, which is designed to eliminate the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economic, social and financial spheres.

The document provides for a ban on unreasonable reduction of employees during a pandemic, the preservation of salaries of employees sent on forced leave for the period April-May.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the measures envisaged will cover 910 thousand workers. The private sector also provides for the preservation of jobs for 664 thousand workers.

The Azadlıqinfo website is discussing with expert Neymat Aliyev the fact that most of the population was deprived of state support in connection with the pandemic.

That is, 65% of the economically active population, as well as 68% of enterprises and private entrepreneurs working on a commercial basis, remained overboard with state aid.

The Bizimyolinfo website also discusses with the experts the issue of state aid in connection with the pandemic. The state has deprived people working in the “shadow economy”.

Expert Natik Jafarli notes the need to allocate 1 billion 950 million manat in order to pay 250 manat per month to each citizen.

Another expert, Samir Aliyev, considers the benefits to the population insufficient, that is, the limit on electricity per 100 kilowatts is insufficient, since the savings are only 4 manat.

Mü discusses the situation with coronavirus with Professor Adil Geybullah. He argues that the pandemic will not end soon.

On April 6, in Azerbaijan, including Nakhchivan, the number of infected was 641 people, of which 44 recovered, and seven died.

There are 4369 people in the quarantine zone. In general, over 45 thousand tests were done in the camp. The professor noted that April would be the peak of a pandemic in the country. According to him, on April 20, a check will be made on the spread of the pandemic and a corresponding decision will be made. It is possible that quarantine will be extended, the professor said.


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