Media Review for March 10, 2020

The situation with the Corona Virus epidemic, the fall in oil prices and the socio-economic situation of Azerbaijan are the topics of today's media.

The newspaper Azerbaijan cites the opinion of a professor from Turkey Alpay Azap that an increase in air temperature will lead to a decline in the epidemic of Corona Virus. True, some refute this opinion. However, the professor insists, noting that with warming, people will spend more time in the air, which will reduce the virus infection. website says that in Azerbaijan, devaluation and double-digit inflation are inevitable. The inept government will not be able to quickly solve problems, expert Natig Jafarli believes.

First of all, it is necessary to create a Crisis Committee of independent experts. At meetings of these structures with the participation of the President of the country, information about the true state of affairs should be set out and effective decisions made, Jafarli believes.

The government will not be able to get the country out of this situation by voicing false figures and pathos theses. Oil on average this year will cost $ 40, and Azerbaijan is not ready for this.

The Azadliqinfo website continues the topic of reducing the cost of oil and the impact of this factor on the non-oil sector, discussing it with expert Neymat Aliyev. The latter believes that the inaction of the government complicates the situation. Since the beginning of the year, the cost of oil has decreased by 38%. For each barrel, the loss is $ 22.

A sharp decline in the cost of oil on exchanges also reduces the cost of non-oil products. The article says about the need to take measures to increase the competitiveness of local products, otherwise, preference will be given to imported products, which will further complicate the situation.

The website Yeni also addresses the issue of lower oil prices and the consequences of this. Experts believe that this factor will affect absolutely everything.

The confrontation between OPEC and OPEC + may further reduce prices.


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