Media Review June 6, 2019

Themes of today"s media: reconstruction of housing on the front line, damage to the foreign assets of the Oil Fund, the possible impact on Azerbaijan of the fall in oil prices.

"Azerbaijan" newspaper writes about the ongoing reconstruction of houses in the Agdam region, destroyed as a result of shelling by the Armenian Armed Forces in 2016. According to the presidential decree of November 5, 2018, 121 houses in various villages of the district will be restored. In 36 of them, work has already begun, and 85 have already been repaired. In 2018, 3 million manat was allocated for these purposes.

The site "Yeni" discusses the topic of damage to the Oil Fund property abroad. Economist expert Gubad Ibadoglu speaks about property in London and Moscow, investments in VTB bank invested in the last two years, of which 216 million dollars have been lost.

The newspaper Yeni Musavat writes about the possible consequences for Azerbaijan due to the fall in oil prices. Azerbaijan cannot avoid the impact of this factor. For example, on June 4, the price of Azeri LT CIF crude fell by $ 2.77, to $ 64.32 a barrel. Currently, the price of oil on the world market has dropped to $ 60.

The limiting feature of the price of oil to ensure the state budget of Azerbaijan is $ 40. That is, this factor will not be strongly reflected in the budget of this year, the expert claims.

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