No Information of Detained A Week after His Arrest

The fate of Nazim Agabekov arrested about a week ago remains unknown.

The young man was charged with possession of drugs and detained by the Interior Ministry in the fight against drug trafficking. Relatives of the young man reported that he was taken in the workplace and charged with possession of heroin.

Since then, there has been no information about this young man, an expert in the field of Internet technologies.

Relatives say they are unaware of his whereabouts and have not received any official information.

The husband of Nazim’s sister, known blogger Emin Milli and head of the online resource Meydan TV acting in Berlin said he is sure that the authorities arrested Nazim in retaliation for criticizing the government on the part of Meydan TV.

This is done in order to blackmail Meydan TV and force it to give up exposing the unlawful actions of the authorities, said Milli.

Turan's attempts to get an answer to the question about the reason for Agabekov’s detention, his place of detention and the criminal proceedings started from the MIA gave no results. Representatives of the Ministry of Interior do profound allusions to a "special case", alluding to the fact that this is not an ordinary matter and the journalists "could have guessed" about it. -02B-

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