People missed after the flood in Tbilisi are looked for in Azerbaijan

Tbilisi/25.06.15/Turan-BSPRESS: Along the whole perimeter of the Kura river , including the territory of Azerbaijan, is ongoing search of people lost as a result of flood  in Tbilisi, said Zviad Katsashvili,  the Director of  Georgia’s Interior Ministry’s Department.  According to recent reports, on the night of June 14 during a devastating flood in Tbilisi, 19 people died and three are missing.

"Work continues around the perimeter of the Kura in Tbilisi and Kvemo Kartli (Eastern Georgia.) We have officially appealed to Azerbaijan, since there is a possibility that the victim may be carried away by the Kura river.  It is also possible that the missing  are on  the Azerbaijani territory. We have officially appealed to Azerbaijani colleagues. They help us , and if the deceased  are found  at their territory, to report immediately," said Katsashvili  on the TV company" Rustavi 2 ". -02D-

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