PFPA Activist Fears He Caught Viral Infection in Custody

Baku / 26.03.20 / Turan: Babek Hasanov, a member of the Popular Front Party (PFPA) serving his sentence in Prison No. 6, suspects that he has caught a viral infection, his brother Javid Hasanov told Turan.

“On March 25, Babek called and said that for several days now he had a high fever, sore throat and kidneys. We are afraid that these are signs of a viral infection,” said Javid Hasanov.

According to him, there are other patients in the prison, but they are not transferred to medical institutions, and they are kept together with the rest.

In turn, the head of the public relations department of the Prison Service, Mehman Sadigov, denied these allegations.

“Not a single penitentiary institution has sick prisoners. The situation is being seriously controlled,” Sadigov told Turan.

“No accidents allegedly associated with COVID-19 have occurred. As a result of preventive measures taken in recent days, cases of visiting doctors have decreased to a minimum. Everything is under strict control, and even our employees are checked when they enter the service at checkpoints: they wear protective masks and they have their temperature measured. All necessary measures are being implemented," said Sadigov. -21B-


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