PFPA claims that her activist has been tortured, the Ministry of Internal Affairs denies this

Baku / 22.01.20 / Turan: Activist of the Popular Front Party Elzamin Salaev was detained on January 15, and was subjected to violence in the eighth branch of the Sabail Police Department of Baku.

According to Turan, the PFA stated that the activist’s beating was recorded on a video camera. “He was so badly tortured, that they didn’t want to accept him at the detention center for administratively arrested people,” the party’s representative said.

Due to traces of violence, Salaev was not given a meeting with his father on January 21. PFPA believes that by the end of the administrative sentence of 30 days a criminal case will be opened against the activist.

“Zamin Salayev has health problems and I will appeal to the relevant authorities,” said his lawyer Javad Javadov, who visited Zamin on January 22. Javadov noted that he would appeal the decision of the trial court.

In turn, the head of the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ehsan Zahidov denied allegations of beating Salaev in the police. According to Zahidov, Salaev was detained because he was drunk, violated public order and did not obey the police.

Zahidov did not comment on allegations of the possibility of instituting criminal proceedings against Salaev.

Salaev was detained a few days after he distributed a video of negative content about police officers in the Salyan region. -03B21-


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