Press Review 01/15/14

Official newspapers write about the working visit of President Ilham Aliyev to Belgium and publish presidential decree on the celebration of the 90th anniversary of Nakhchivan autonomy.


Azadlig writes that Transport Minister Ziya Mammadov made ??a warning to the head of Azeryolservis Javid Gurbanov due to poor road conditions .

Freed after administrative arrest youth activist Tofig Alisoy said that the government will not be able to intimidate youth with arrests.

National Council members made ??accusations against the chief editor of the newspaper Yeni Musavat Rauf Arifoglu, who is accused of splitting the National Council .

Experts commenting on the increase in the salaries of employees of the CEC , said that the government increases wages to those needed by the government itself.



Blackmail with a major war is the only way Russia could try to restore its own influence in the South Caucasus, says the columnist .


Express writes that the chief of police of the Sabail district of the capital obstructed selling newspapers , despite the permission of executive power in the area. The Press Council in this regard, sent a letter to the Interior Ministry .


Bizim Yol writes that bank loans that have reached the amount of $ 1 billion have not been returned. Most of these loans were granted to entrepreneurs.


Yeni Musavat justifies the departure of the party Musavat of the National Council, estimating it as a defense of the independence of Azerbaijan, as the National Council is a project of the Kremlin.

Emin Guliyev, brother of the soldier Rustam Guliyev that committed suicide said that his brother was tortured.

According to the order of the Minister of Defense , recruits will undergo a medical examination at military garrisons . The newspaper believes that the Minister so restricted the acting state structures at the call for military service . -0 -


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