Press Review 07/07/2017

The success of reforms in the non-oil sector, the level of the shadow economy in the country and the rise in prices on the railroad are the topics of today's press.

The Azerbaijan writes on the success of reform in the non-oil sector, which, according to the author, is the result of the policy. There was an opportunity to develop the economy at the expense of the non-oil sector and increase in exports in 2016, as well as the development of certain industries - sericulture, grain growing, livestock, sugar beet growing and others.

The Echo has published an article titled The Shadow Economy of Azerbaijan in the First Place in the World.

Azerbaijan in 2016 was the first in the list of countries with the largest volume of "shadow" economy. The results of the research showed that the volume of the "informal" sector is estimated at 67.04% of GDP. At the same time, it is projected that by 2025 the situation will improve slightly and the indicators will reach 58.38%. These are the data of the International Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

The Novoye Vremya has published an article on raising prices for rail transport by 20%

The Yeni Musavat writes that the shadow economy is a product of the bureaucratic business. The newspaper cites the data of the International Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in connection with the fact that the volume of the shadow economy is approximately 72%. -0 -----

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