Press Review 12.10.17

The development of the country"s economy, a look at PACE resolutions on Azerbaijan, and the reasons for the impoverishment of the population are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes that the ongoing reforms are a powerful foundation for the future. The author lists the successes achieved, including in the farming, and the recent visits of President Ilham Aliyev to the regions of Azerbaijan.

The newspaper Echo published an article on the reasons for the impoverishment of the country"s population, calling the main factor - the devaluation of the manat, which led to a drop in incomes and inflation.

For nine months of this year, nominal wage growth was about 7%. At the same time, the inflation rate according to official data was 14%, and the so-called food inflation was 18%.

This suggests that real income of the population is falling, since the level of inflation is higher than the nominal growth of the Azerbaijani citizens" income.

The website of the newspaper Azadlig - publishes material on the latest PACE resolutions adopted on October 11 and confirms the facts of mass violations of human rights and freedoms, political repression and other violations in Azerbaijan.

In recent years, the Azerbaijani authorities have spent 3 billion US dollars of budget funds to block such decisions. However, this policy failed. At the same time, official Baku for years has stubbornly ignored the recommendations and appeals of the PACE to fulfill its international obligations. -0-

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