Press Review 17/10/14

Official newspapers widely reported the official visit of Ilham Aliyev to Tajikistan.


Azadlig issued on the first page the requirement of the US State Department for the Azerbaijani authorities to release political prisoners and the negative reaction to this from official Baku.

Lawyer Khalid Bagirov, commenting on the growth of the number of appeals to the President for pardon, expressed the opinion that it is a result of certain proposals, advice and sustained pressure.

The newspaper reports of the monopoly on the execution of orders from the Ministry of Defense. It publishes the list of firms that regularly win tenders.

Two women protesting the shooting of dogs in Sumgait were beaten in the 4th department of the police.

Despite the drop in oil prices in the world markets, the cost of gasoline in Azerbaijan remains the same. Experts regard it as an attempt to compensate for the losses from the fall in oil prices.


Express reported that since the beginning of 2014, 54,000 marriages and 8,000 divorces have been registered.


Echo writes that despite the increase in the expenditure for health and safety in industry by 5.6 times in 2010-2013, the number of fatalities in industry increased 1.7 times.


Bizim Yol quotes Turkish Energy Minister Taner Yildiz that if the Turkish government had resigned last year, reactionary forces would have seized power in Azerbaijan.


Yeni Musavat claims on the political revitalization of the former Deputy Prime Minister Abbas Abbasov, which was the basis for this paper to argue that there is a preparation for a coup.

A columnist reports on the dangers of official Baku’s partnership with Russia, as we cannot believe the promises of Moscow – this is a thoughtful conclusion of the author. -0

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