Press Review 19/04/13


Official newspapers report on the participation of President Ilham Aliyev to the opening of the Theatre of Musical Comedy after reconstruction, as well as publish the order of the President of the socio-economic development of Mingechevir.

The same newspapers continue baiting insulting the opposition, as well as well-known intellectuals.


Azadlig writes that Pashayevs were upset by Ramiz Mehdiyev receiving the Order of Glory.

In secondary schools students are caused to contribute money to host the Flowers Holiday on the birthday of Heydar Aliyev.


MP from the ruling party Siyavush Novruzov advised Washington in the face of Melia to mind its own business. This is the answer to Melia, who subjected official Baku to criticism in connection with violations of democracy and freedom.


Express also writes about the reaction of official Baku to the criticism by Melia regarding the electoral system of Azerbaijan. The chief ideologist of the authorities, Ali Hasanov said that the interference in the affairs of Azerbaijan does not have a positive effect on cooperation.

Official Baku has reiterated that it is still not ready to join the WTO.


Echo with reference to the civil institutions writes that in total, construction companies cheated more than 16,000 investors. Their number continues to grow.


Bizim Yol reports a criminal complaint against the organization INFO-RTM and Innovation. 400 people have been deceived with promises to take them to Russian universities.


 "Yeni Musavat

 The new draft law "On Customs Tariff" is called "a green light for the monopolists."

Residents of Gazakh require the Democratic Party Chairman Sardar Jalaloghlu should apologize for insulting Samad Vurgun.


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