Press Review for 6/10/12


The official press publishes numerous reports about Ilham Aliyev who met with the participants of the Baku Humanitarian Forum. These newspapers have given extensive consideration to this Forum Declaration.



On the Internet, there's a new video about extorting money by Gular Akhmedova from the Rector of the International University Elshad Abdullayev.

In the video Gular Akhmedova said that the parliament in this country is not elected, but formed at the request of the President, his wife and other senior executives.

Ex-deputy Panah Huseyn considers that in this situation the dissolution of parliament and new elections is the best way out.

The newspaper called the Islamists’ clash with police in front of the Ministry of Education bloody confrontation.

The activities of the company Avropa Gapylary (European Doors), which belongs to the former deputy Baba Tagiyev, were halted.



The PACE report on political prisoners by Christoph Strasser is assessed as the solution of the greatest importance for the entire post-Soviet space. Henceforth, the phrase "political prisoner" has obtained complete clarity.



Baku and Moscow have not agreed to extend the lease of the Gabala radar station.

According to unofficial data, over the last 5 years 7,000 Armenians were relocated to Lachin. 



Since illegal structures are not registered, the authorities can not collect AZN 150 million annually in the form of property taxes.


Novoye Vremya marks the unprecedented violent clashes between worshipers and police before the Ministry of Education.


Bizim Yol also focuses on the worshipers’ protest, calling October 5 Bloody Friday. It is noted that the known for his brutality against protesters police officer Suleiman Neymatov finally was severely beaten by protesters and fled ignominiously.


Yeni Musavat claims that the closed shops selling cars Cahan Motors were owned by the Nakhchivan "khan" Vasif Talibov.



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