Press Review January 9, 2018

The role of the head of state in the ongoing reforms in the country, the aggravation of problems in the banking system, and the activities of the Financial Markets Supervision Authority (FIMSA) are the leading topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes about the role of the head of state in conducting profound reforms in the country. The author notes that the year 2017 went down in h

istory as a year of profound reforms, and the country rose by eight levels in the report Doing Business 2018. Azerbaijan is recognized as one of the three reformist countries of Europe and Central Asia, and attention is paid to the most significant reforms.

The newspaper Echo published an article titled The Number of "Seriously Ill" Banks in Azerbaijan to Increase in 2018. This is an interview of the well-known bank expert Akram Hasanov on why the banks do not merge and what difficulties banks face when merging. The expert talks about consolidation, noting that this process is not easy and requires certain financial costs.

The website writes about the activities of FIMSA. On the government website there is a list of persons to whom the sanctions of FIMSA apply. The author sneers, noting that it seems that some corrupt official is subject to punishment. -0--

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