Press Review - July 30, 2018

Development of the non-oil sector, innovations in servicing tourists by taxi drivers, and memories of the deceased MP Maryam Hasanova are topics of today's press.

The newspaper Azerbaijan writes that the development of the non-oil sector is a guarantor of the stability of the economy, and the reduction of the country's dependence on oil, whose price on the world market is unstable.

The author writes about the development of industrial parks, the number of which in the country has reached almost 50.

To date, the total value of projects implemented in industrial parks is $ 3.6 billion. Today, 2.6 billion USD has been invested in industrial parks, and in the forthcoming period it is planned to invest 1.1 billion dollars, as well as to open up to 7,500 new jobs.

The website writes about the late MP, economist Maryam Hasanova - a prominent participant in the national liberation struggle. Along with her, it recalls Dilara Aliyeva, who was among the 43 MPs who said "no" to the preservation of the USSR in the referendum on March 17, 1991.

Speaking about Maryam Hasanova, the author notes that her 80th birthday should have been noted at the state level.

The website writes about the relations of taxi drivers with tourists and the level of their service.

Taxi drivers often cheat foreigners, at times inflating the price for travel, which is a shameful fact. Therefore, a new concept is being developed that will prevent deception of foreigners using taxi services from the airport to the city.

According to the new concept, the negotiation of the fare between the driver and the tourist will be eliminated, since appropriate tariffs will be introduced and concrete measures will be taken. -0---

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