Protests with the socio-economic background

The Azerbaijani population  is becoming more active in the issue of their civil rights, reports Turan. This is primarily due to the economic and social problems that citizens face on a regular basis in the capital and in the regions.  There were two protests in the Karabakh conflict zone and Absheron.  On 18 October residents of the village of Khojasan in the Binagadi district attempted to block the highway in protest against the failure to provide the gas to the village. The same reason caused  the villages of Zazaly in Geranboy region to block the route Baku-Ganja.

Earlier, on October 15, a group of residents of Goychay region, which is located in the central part of Azerbaijan, held in the regional center a protest demanding the resignation of the chief of the local traffic police Vugar Gasimov, who was accused of bribery and other abuses. On  7 October tenants of private homes in the bus station area staged a protest, blocking traffic on the road Baku-Sumgayit. They protested against the amount of compensation which they are offered for demolition of housing - 500 manat per square meter. On 4 October  the  Karabakh war veteran Rovshan Gafarov  was ready to commit self-immolation in protest against the felling of the park in the village of "Yeni Guneshli", where they want to build a house.

Such permanent protests testify the growth of discontent in the Azerbaijani society and exacerbating the socio-economic crisis in the country. The authorities understand this, and  practically refrain from carrying out punitive actions against protesters, fearing a chain reaction, said Turan agency. Independent experts in the field of economy, in particular, Gubad Ibadoglu, Vahid Maharramov, predict a further increase in public discontent due falling economic indicators, rising unemployment, falling living standards, lack of reforms, which the authorities had promised in January 2015, i.e. a fall of public confidence. -0-

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