Residents of Buzovna report on the demolition of illegal sea barriers

Baku/19.05.22/Turan: Since the beginning of May, civil activists in the Absheron village of Buzovna have been holding mass actions demanding that the Caspian coast near the village be cleared of household waste, illegal sea fences be removed, and unique seaside cliffs be saved from destruction. The actions are purely civil, peaceful in nature - on Sundays, residents spend subbotniks (cleaning day) on the coast, clean up household garbage, they are helped by local authorities. 

By posting information about subbotniks and photos on a social network, Buzovna residents addressed the president with a list of their demands, thus attracting the media and television. The Public TV channel reported about the legitimate demands of the Buzovna residents.

On May 12, Turan informed readers that one of the owners of dachas near the sea himself removed the fence he built, returning the captured beach to the people.

Yesterday, residents of Buzovna reported that construction equipment appeared on the beach and a slight destruction of an illegal pier that descends into the sea and was built by the owner of the villa for a comfortable boarding of the yacht. Photos of the concrete pier and its destruction have been posted on the social network.

According to Elbek Alizade, one of the organizers of the Buzovna movement, there is no mass destruction yet, the light structures of a private illegal berth have been destroyed. An excavator and trucks are visible. They say that the local authorities sent out notices to violators of the law about the need to remove unauthorized buildings. This was reported by Public Television.

“We are pleased with the expected demolition of buildings. But we also have a demand to save the unique Caspian rocks - beautiful, historical, on which the famous Soviet music video by Muslim Magomayev was filmed. On these rocks, private owners build concrete structures, erect houses, restaurants, cover them with construction waste,” E. Alizadeh told Turan.

Activist Seifulla Azer, in a conversation with Turan, listed the presidential decree and laws prohibiting construction in a 20-50 meter zone near sea water. “The demolition of buildings has begun, it is going sluggishly. But new pipes dug into the sand are visible, through which one can think that there will be a new fence at a distance from the edge of the sea, with the opportunity for people to swim. While sharing our assumptions. Maybe it's just a veil, we are being deceived and the sea will remain captured. It is too early to speak with full confidence about the demolition of illegal fences that block access to the sea.”

Azer also drew the attention of Turan to famous historical rocks with historical names. “The Haji Rock has been completely demolished, and a swimming pool has been built in its place. Destroyed natural uniqueness, in full view of the state, which is silent. At the Sherlocks restaurant, the rocks are littered with construction debris, instead of a natural relief, a flat surface has been created for the construction of a commercial facility. Buzovna residents are asking the state to help save our rocks. We are ready to remove garbage from there with our hands in order to preserve the nature left to us by our ancestors. If we do not do this, our children will no longer see the Caspian rocks.”

Seyfulla Azer thanks the people of Buzovna who did not stay away from social activities, and on behalf of the residents of the village asks the state to fully restore order on the coast so that the entire coast of Absheron returns to the people, as we returned Karabakh.

Gulbala Gurbanov, head of the humanitarian department of the executive power of the Khazar region,  told Turan that after the press and TV speeches, a meeting was held in the Executive Power, at which a representative of the Ministry of Emergency Situations announced his intention to completely clear the coastal strip from illegal buildings. The owners of seaside houses who have built illegal barriers and other objects are invited to the meeting. “It was said that because of the built fences, firefighters and ambulances could not drive up to the scene. All owners of such structures have received warnings from us to demolish fences and other illegal structures. If they don’t comply, we will demolish it with the forces of the district administration. Those who blocked the seashore and created paid beaches there will not be able to work as they planned in the summer - we will not allow,” G. Gurbanov said.

He expressed surprise that literate and wealthy people close, at will, access to the sea to citizens who have the right to swim in a public place. “Among them there are owners holding responsible positions. They don’t understand what they are doing wrong?” an employee of the local government of the Khazar region asked Turan. –0—

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