Rufat Safarov was not allowed to meet with lawyer (UPDATED)

Lawyer Bahruz Bayramov was not allowed to meet with former investigator Rufat Safarov, who was imprisoned in jail N 9. Safarov was not allowed to meet  with his family members and human rights defenders, said the lawyer Bayramov. The lawyer fears that a provocation is being prepared against Safarov, who has already been imprisoned for the second time in the last month and a half, in order to toughen his detention regime and transfer him to Gobustan prison. Despite the fact that today in the jail N 9 was the day of reception of the head of Baba Gulmamedov, he did not receive a lawyer and relatives of Safarov. "In the end, we came to the penitentiary service. There the curator of  the jail N 9 said that the matter will be investigated," the lawyer said.-03C06--

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2017 March 07 (Tuesday) 12:26:26

The former investigator of the Zardob prosecutor's office, Rufat Safarov is imprisoned in a punishment cell for three days. The reason is a conflict with a cellmate. Turan was informed about it by his father Eldar Sabiroglu, referring to the duty of the jail.

“I asked Captain Babayev what the conflict was, but he refused to answer. A month ago, a provocation was committed against Rufat and he was imprisoned for seven days,” Sabiroglu said.

He fears that a major provocation can be committed against his son in order to toughen the detention regime and send him to a closed prison.

  Safarov's persecution began after he publicly criticized the negative phenomena in the law enforcement system. He was accused of taking bribes and was first sentenced to house arrest. However, he continued to criticize the authorities and eventually he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

 His lawyer Bahruz Bayramov wrote on Facebook the words of Safarov. “This iron cage will never break me, for the chosen path is the path of truth. I consider myself to be a person with dignity and I am happy that I did not keep silent and I spoke the truth. Without fear of suffering, or torment, I spoke the truth. I am free spiritually,” Safarov said. -03B-

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