Salafis illegally used "Ashurbey" Mosque - Directorate "Icheri Sheher"

Ashurbey Mosque has long been in need of renovation and the management of "Icheri Sheher" Historical Architectural Reserve for several years there  has been  planning renovations. Despite repeated warnings to persons illegally using this building in 2013, they continued to use it, causing damage to the room, said the administration of the historical and architectural reserve. In this context, measures have been taken for the release of the room and start in the near future restoration work. This mosque was founded in 1169,  and at the end of the 19th century was referred to the use  for the workers in Dagestan, who arrived in Baku for work. After that, the mosque became known informally as "Lezgi" Mosque.

In recent years, the mosque became a center for the collection of Salafi Muslims (the Wahhabis.)  The report of the reserve management is not informed that there will be a mosque after restoration, and whether its return for the use of the parishioners-salafitov.-05В-

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