The Supreme Court granted the cassation appeal of the oppositionist

Baku / 23.08.17 / Turan: The Supreme Court of Azerbaijan has satisfied the complaint ofILham Guliyev, the leader of the Gabala regional organization of the Popular Front Party dismissed from his teaching job, said Guliyev's lawyer Tural Hajibayli. Guliyev worked as a teacher in a secondary school in the village of Hajialili. After participating in the protest actions of the opposition, he was removed from work. Guliyev appealed to the court, asking to restore him at work and pay an average salary for forced absenteeism. Gabala District Court, and then the Sheki Court of Appeal rejected the complaint of the activist.

On August 23, the Civil Collegium of the Supreme Court upheld the complaint.

According to the verdict, the decision of the Sheki Appeal Court of April 3 was abolished.

The Sheki Court of Appeal will reconsider the appeal of the PFPA activist.

Earlier, the leadership of the PFPA stated that after the September opposition rallies in 2016, more than 20 party activists were dismissed from their jobs, mainly working in state budget organizations. -06D-

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