Suleymanov and Mammadov  are the  implementers   of the instructions of the authorities, G. Hajibeyli

There is no reason to doubt the seriousness of the investigation the prosecutor's office in Milan on corruption Italian MP Luca Volonte, specifically  on receiving by him about 2.5 million euros from the Azeri MPs, said a former member of the parliamentary delegation of Azerbaijan to the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, Gultekin Hajibeyli, in an interview to «Çətin sual» Turan agency. Hajibeyli said that the Azerbaijani authorities are facing serious revelations, and  they will not get away.

Hajibeyli stressed that  she knows L.Volonte as a person with a bad reputation, and was convinced of this, when he once tried to become the chairman of the Party of the Peoples of Europe, whose member was also Hajibeyli. "Volonte is a man with a bad reputation, and  it is not by chance that the revelation  started just with him," says G.Hajibeyli. She reminded that the Azerbaijani leadership reacted very painfully to the report of Christopher Strasser on political prisoners in Azerbaijan, and to mobilize all forces to frustrate him.

"Not all steps were  illegal, but I do not think that legal steps were enough to ruin the report Strasser, for the human rights situation in Azerbaijan is deplorable and the entire world is talking about it,"  she said.

The failure of the report of  Strasser  became possible only thank to "caviar policy".

"I am sure that Azerbaijan has lobbyists in the Council of Europe,  whose position is even higher  that the position of Volonte,"  she said. Among them  is  the president of the PACE Pedro Agramunt, Hajibeyli believes.

Agramunt as PACE co-rapporteur on Azerbaijan, as well as president of the organization continuously cooperated with the political leadership of Azerbaijan and closed his eyes to existing problems in the country of human rights and democratic principles. "I think that soon will the facts  on the other members of PACE,"  she said.

If  in Azerbaijan was really the rule of law, the General Prosecutor's Office before anyone would have reacted to these facts.

"As in other cases, and this time there was no  reaction, but in fact it is a very serious criminal fact. This is a big blow to the diplomatic image of the state, the image of Parliament.  Prosecutor General's Office should initiate a lawsuit on this fact and interrogate two deputies, whose names are mentioned in this regard," said the former deputy.

In her view, there are reasons that the Prosecutor General's Office did not react to this fact, since these two members  were involved  in such things not by their own initiative.

"They were just executing lobbying activities carried out by the authorities. Naturally, the customers and the authorities  of this country," she said. -71D-

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