US missile strike on Syria creates new situation: expert

Baku/11.04.17/Turan: The US missile attack on the Syrian military base "Shayrat" in response to a chemical attack by government troops against the civilian population is the result of the need for a determined and effective foreign policy. This opinion voiced the head of the Arab Countries History department of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Azerbaijani Academy of Sciences, Fard Asadov, in an interview with the Cətin Sual program (Difficult issue) of the agency Turan.

The election of Donald Trump is connected with the expectations of Washington's new policy, since the Obama administration was criticized for its indecisiveness, lack of strategy, which contributed to the strengthening of Russia.

On the other hand, the blow to Syria may have been the result of Trump's desire to get rid of the image of the pro-Russian politician. As for the future fate of Assad, in Trump's last statement he said that the Syrian president had exhausted all resources. With a more determined position on the withdrawal of Assad, the US allies began to speak, which speaks of the consolidation of the West in the Syrian issue.

Against this background, he doubts the possibility of forming an anti-Western alliance between Russia and Iran.

If Iran is betting solely on Assad, then Russia will rather lean towards the position of the international community.

Can the Syrian crisis spread to Iran? Responding this, the expert expressed doubt. In Iran, despite the limitations of political freedoms, there are democratic electoral institutions. In Iran, despite it demonstrates rigidity, there are traditions of flexibility, and the ability to negotiate.

The explosion of the situation in Iran will become a cataclysm not only in the scale of the Middle East, but also at the global level, Asadov said. What are the risks for Azerbaijan after the American strike?

However, if the integrity of the country is not ensured in the reconciliation process in Syria, dissatisfaction and disappointment will grow among the population, and on the basis of this "solidarity" and the support of LIH. This of course can contribute to the growth of propaganda of extremism and terrorism among Muslims, including in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan should be ready for new trends in world politics and for consolidation with the West, which could weaken the increased influence of the Russian Federation in the region. Under such a situation, Azerbaijan will have to look for allies, and more actively draw closer to the EU.

The expert also drew attention to the general crisis and decline in the Arab world, the weakening of secular statehood. This is observed not only in Syria and Iraq, but also in other countries where the threat of disintegration arose. -06D--

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