2/3 share of trade turnover of 10 companies with Azerbaijan

During the four months of this year, Azerbaijan had foreign trade relations with 132 countries. Ten of them are owned by 67% ($ 7,750 million) of foreign trade of the country. This is stated in the report of the State Customs Committee.

In recent years, the geography of oil and oil products from Azerbaijan seriously included the countries around the Indian Ocean and the East and South-East Asia. Within four months of this year, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and India owned 24.4% of the total trade turnover of Azerbaijan. These positions will undo much of the country and other European countries with which Azerbaijan has trade relations.

During the reporting period, foreign trade turnover with the U.S. ($ 360 million) and Israel ($ 293.7 million) decreased compared to the same period last year by 46% and 62%. The volume of trade with Turkey has also decreased (-9%) and amounted to $ 616 million.

The indicators of Azerbaijan's foreign trade relations are as follows: Britain ($ 410.5 million, +64%), Germany ($ 939.3 million, +40%) and Russia ($ 904.3 million, +38%).

In the first place there is still Italy ($ 1.7 billion): The Milan Stock Exchange continues to remain a place of sales of Azerbaijani oil.

The structure of imports by countries in the lead Russia ($ 477.6 million), Turkey ($ 432.6 million), Britain ($ 295.5 million), Germany ($ 232 million) and China ($ 225.4 million). - 08D-


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