Depository Center reports over the first half

The National Depository Center (NDC) registered from January to July  the transaction on the additional issue of shares with a  nominal value of 2 billion 215 million 606.29 thousand manat. According to the structure, it is by  11 times more than  over the same period of  last year.

Over the reported period were  registered 704 transactions  on additional shares, 47  of them  in June - the total amount of 61,860,486 manat; 26  agreements with issuers of securities  were signed; in  June - 5.

During this time a total of 2, 306 exchange transactions were registered, the nominal value of which is equal to 385 million 905.28 thousand manats, of which 564 (53 million 691.97 thousand manat)  are June transaction.

During the reporting period  the NDC registered OTC securities with a nominal value  of 11 million 96.4 thousand manat, including 31  transactions  at 2 million AZN 52.89 signed in June.

The NDC  was established in September 1997. In 1999, the Center was transferred to the balance of the State Committee for Securities. In this regard, in September 1999,  the Center was re-registered.

 The authorized capital of the Center is 1.4 million manat. The  NDC provides services to approximately 1.2 thousand issuers. - 17D-


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