Ali Hasanov: Red Cross takes lessons from our critics

International Committee of the Red Cross has taken lessons   from  our critics, and started effective steps    due to the seizure of Azerbaijani hostages in Kelbajar.

Today, the ICRC will make a joint statement with the Azerbaijani government on this issue. Such a  loud statement  was made today by the  headof the  State Committee for Refugees , Deputy Prime Minister Ali Hasanov, at a ceremony on the occasion of 21 th anniversary of the occupation of Agdam region by Armenians.

He denied the accusations of the Armenian side that detainees in Kalbajar  region, Dilgam Askerov and  Shahbaz Guliyev are saboteurs.

Hasanov said  that previously  they also went to the occupied territories, which are their homeland,  to visit graves of  their parents and relatives.

"There died a 17-year-old boy. Armenians cannot solve the crime, and  therefore blame  Dilgam and Shahbaz," Hasanov said, expressing fears for the fate of the hostages.

According to him, the Armenian side, in violation of the Geneva Conventions, does not allow the hostages to meet with the representatives of the  Red Cross. This gives  Hasanov a reason to believe  that  the hostages are tortured, and made  various injection.

Concerning the  murder of the third Azerbaijani  in Kalbajar, Hasanov said that on this occasion today the Azerbaijani government and the ICRC will issue a joint statement.

According to him, "after a serious warning from the ICRC, the organization stated  effective steps". "They  have made a conclusion have learned. Today's announcement may be viewed as the result of   this,"- said Hasanov.

A protest outside the offices of the ICRC took place today. According to Tabriz Musayev,  the   organizer of the  action,  the head of the public association "Liberation  of Irevan", protesters demanded the release of "Kelbajar partisans."

They held placards with slogans such as "Freedom for those who hit the hostages in their own land," "Freedom Dilgam and Shahbaz," "Red Cross - work or leave it!".

Turan failed to get comments from the ICRC  regarding the statements of Ali Hasanov and  the action of protests.-06D-

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