Financial Indicators of Azerbaijan in Mirror of Statistics

Relying on the Ministry of Finance, the State Statistics Committee calculated that by April 1, the revenue part of Azerbaijan's state budget amounted to 3 billion 678.1 million manats and the expenditures were at the level of 2 billion 623.5 million manats (surplus was at the level of 1 billion 54.6 million manats or 8.4% of GDP).

The loan portfolio of the local banks and non-banking organizations by April 1 was equivalent to 20 billion 327.4 million manats (minus 1.8% to April 1 last year), of which 15 billion 565.9 million was long-term loans taken mainly for the purpose of business. The level of non-performing loans was 6.5% of the total portfolio.

Bank deposits reported by the SSC with reference to the Central Bank were at the level of 8 billion 77.3 million in the manat equivalent. --17D-

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