How Much Is Land in Baku?

In May, the most expensive land in the capital is put up for sale in the Narimanov district - the owner actually requested $200,000 for 0.01 hectares - one hundred square meters (under construction of a high-rise building). This is not a speculative price because now it is the most promising and popular land for settlements. Construction companies erect housing and commercial facilities there.

With regard to the average market price of one hundred square meters of land (Baku and Absheron district), in May, it was at $ 16,062 (+ 1.5%). Lands on exposure in the land market were exhibited for an average of 187 days (+ 1 day to the April index).

In the capital, the largest increase in the average cost of 0.01 hectares of land was recorded in Garadagh (+ 13.5%) and Binagadi (+ 10.6%).

While in March-April, the cheapest land was offered in the Khazar district, now mass construction has pushed it from the list of outsiders, and it was replaced by the Surakhani district ($ 760 per hundred square meters). We are talking about bargain prices, without the cost of notarization and building permits from the local authorities. --17D-

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