Huawei Tech Carnival in Baku Ignites Vision for Intelligent Digital Transformation

Huawei Tech Carnival in Baku Ignites Vision for Intelligent Digital Transformation

The Huawei Tech Carnival and Partner Summit 2024 commenced with a resounding declaration of Huawei's commitment to driving industrial intelligence, as the launch of the Xinghe Network for the Middle East and Central Asia region took center stage in Baku.

Drawing participation from over 1,000 clients and partners from across the Middle East and Central Asia, including notable entities from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan, the event emerged as a pivotal gathering in the realm of technology, dedicated to advancing the frontiers of industrial intelligence.

In his inaugural address, Stephen Yi, President of Huawei for the Middle East and Central Asia Region, outlined the company's ambitious objectives, stating, "Huawei endeavors to expedite intelligent digital transformation across the Middle East and Central Asia by leveraging cutting-edge technologies in communication, information technology, and cloud services. With steadfast expertise and unwavering support from our partners, we aspire to position this region as a hub of innovation and sustainable success amidst a rapidly evolving landscape."

Allahveran Ismailov, Deputy Head of the State Service for Special Communications and Information Security of the Republic of Azerbaijan, noted the country's commitment to the introduction of technological achievements and cybersecurity measures. Ismailov emphasized the strategic collaboration with partners such as Huawei to fortify digital infrastructure and navigate contemporary cybersecurity challenges.

David Shi, Vice President of Marketing and Sales of Huawei ICT solutions, echoed the sentiment, highlighting the exponential growth in demand for network connectivity, computing power, and data storage. "Computing power will soon be as indispensable as water and electricity. Huawei remains steadfast in its dedication to long-term investments in research, development, and innovation," Shi remarked, underscoring Huawei's steadfast commitment to technological advancement despite recent challenges.

Following the opening ceremony, the Huawei Network Summit commenced, with Yang Chaobin, Huawei's director of ICT products and solutions, stressing the imperative of collaborative efforts to propel advancements in artificial intelligence. Chaobin emphasized Huawei's strides in network technologies and its commitment to fostering intelligent data solutions through Net5.5G infrastructure.

In a comprehensive showcase of products and solutions for the Xinghe Intelligent Network, Huawei unveiled its cutting-edge offerings, spanning campus networks, global computing networks (WAN), data center networks (DCN), and network security. Leon Wang, President of Huawei's data transmission product line, expounded on the company's vision for intelligent transformation, heralding the transition to a Xinghe Intelligent Network as the cornerstone of Huawei's strategic evolution.


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