In 2015 share of alternative power constituted 0.06% in total power generation of the country

In 2015 total volume of power generation in Azerbaijan reached 22,900,500,000 KWh, own 0.7% against 2014.

According to the Azerbaijan State Statistical Committee, during last year generation of commercial power in the country totaled 21,811,300,000 (decline by 0.6%).

The difference between total and commercial power generation indexes is caused by the fact that Azerenerji, state monopoly generating power in the country, uses part of generated power to satisfy its own needs.

In 2015 Azerenerji’s thermal power stations generated 20,260,100,000 kWh of commercial power (decline by 1.5%), while hydraulic power stations – 1,541,500,000 kWh (growth by 25.3%).

In 2015 Azerenerji’s thermal power stations consumed 315,600 tons of black oil and 4.7 billion cub.m. of natural gas.

In 2015 Azerbaijan generated 5.7 million kWh of commercial wind power (decline by 27.8%) and 4 million kWh of solar power (not generated in 2014).—0-

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