More than a tenth of the unemployed - young people

In the third quarter of this year the number of unemployed in Azerbaijan decreased compared to the previous quarter by 1,300, reaching 244.2 thousand people - the Committee reported.

The unemployment rate among young people (15 to 29 years) in the second quarter of 2012 was 10.8%. The proportion of women among the unemployed during this period was 57.9%.

According to the State Statistics Committee, in the third quarter of this year in the country of employment counts 4 million 394.8 thousand people. This is 6.2 thousand more than in the second quarter.

The number of unemployed is based on the requirements of the International Labor Organization. Persons with income over a period of weeks are not considered as unemployed. In the third quarter, the unemployment rate was 5.5%. - 08B-


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