Net income of NBCBank increased 7 times

JSC NBCBank on the basis of 2012 had net profit after tax of $ 2.37 million manat, which is 7 times more than the figure recorded a year earlier. Bank's earnings were equal to 11.39 million manat and expenditures - 10.9 million manat, increasing by 28% and 23.9%.

Assets increased during the year by 35.6%, amounting to 86 million manat. The volume of issued and corporate loans grew by 37% and amounted to 69.89 million manat.

The total liabilities of the bank increased from 44.75 million to 61.74 million manat. Deposit portfolio increased by 56.9% to 39.74 million manat, including term client investments increased by 57.9% to 37.11 million manat.

Balance capital reached 24.27 million manat. Aggregate capital increased by 29.1% higher than the 23.11 million manat, and paid charter capital - by 18.9% to 19.53 million manat. - 15B -


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