Number of ATMs and Pos-terminals Grows

As of March 1, Azerbaijan had 2,622 ATMs. Of these, 1,477 (56.3%) are located in the capital, while the remaining 1,145 are in the regions, according to the Central Bank of Azerbaijan. ATMs are a means of lump-sum cash withdrawal, as most of their users are pensioners and public sector workers, who do not have the possibility of accumulation.

Number of pos-terminals installed at trade and services amounted to 77,041 units (+ 5.5% YTD). Most of them (50,387) are located in Baku, and other 26,654 - at the periphery. At the same time more substantial growth is observed in areas (+ 16%). 75,816 or 98.4% of all pos-terminals have been installed in retail facilities. --17D-

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