Position of ICT Development Worsens

Azerbaijan is located on the 57th place out of 143 possible according to the development index of information and communication technologies (minus 8 positions compared to the previous year).

The non-governmental organization World Economic Forum (Switzerland), known for organization of annual meetings in Davos, published a relevant report (The Networked Readiness Index) for 2015.

NRI index has been compiled since 2001, based on publicly available data and the results of a survey of company managers. The calculation is based on the assessment of the readiness of economies to maximize the efficient use of ICT. At the same time four sub-indices have formed in 2015: the conditions for the development of ICT (Environment Subindex), the willingness of citizens, businesses and government agencies to use ICT (Readiness Subindex), the level of ICT use in the public, commercial and public sectors (Usage Subindex), and the impact of information technology on the economy (Impact Subindex).

In preparing NRI 53 indicators are considered. The top five are Singapore, Finland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Norway.

Except Azerbaijan among other countries of the former Soviet Union, are in the following order in the rtanking: Estonia (22), Lithuania (31), Latvia (33), Kazakhstan (40), Russia (41), Armenia (58), Georgia (60), Moldova (68) and Ukraine (71).   --17D-

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