Premiums of AzSigorta by October 1 for the first time exceeded 30 million manat

Two years in a row in January- September insurance company AzSigorta gaining bonuses, measured in tens of millions manat . Last year, collected 29.49 this year - 32 million 113.87 thousand manats , which is two or more times better than previous years - so , in 2011, figures were 15.65 million manat earlier - more downward.

The first company in the local market has collected more premiums for compulsory than voluntary insurance . If in 2011, 77.3 % were for voluntary ( 12.1 million ) last year, their share amounted to 12.64 million or 42.9 % , and this year - 15.82 million , or 49.27 %.

On voluntary leadership position in this company traditionally holds cargo insurance - 39.95 8 million manats. This is more than half (50.8 %) of premiums for all voluntary types. The second leading is property insurance against fire and other risks - 4 million 354.36 thousand manats. In the third place there is car insurance CASCO - 1 million 389.24 thousand manats.

If you look at the table, it will be seen that this structure is gradually increasing premiums on fire insurance , but its link to the Minister of Emergency Situations and makes this type of compulsory insurance of the property subject to the most promising activation agency network. And one more observation - the company each year by October 1 collects from 700 to 800 thousand manat insurance air transport without paying a dime. Freight insurance is also a huge difference between the premiums and payments.

For compulsory bulk of the new CTP premiums fell that flourished after the adoption of the law and create a profile Bureau of compulsory insurance - 13 million 363.34 thousand manats. On the property insurance against fire and other risks earned 2 million 838.79 thousand manats.

Detailed table of premiums and benefits is reflected below.

Insurance company AzSigorta has received a license to operate in November 2006 . The shareholder structure is a single individual.

The authorized capital of the company amounts to 20.3 million manat.

The company is licensed to provide services for 28 types of insurance , of which 24 - for voluntary and 4 - for mandatory .

It has 6 branches in the country. - 17D-


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