RabitaBank Increased Assets in the First Quarter 23.7%

Assets of RabitaBank increased in January-March 2013 by 23.7%, reaching 193.79 million manat. The volume of issued and corporate loans grew by 6.6% and amounted to 112.49 million manat.


The total liabilities of the bank increased from 122.74 million to 149.39 million manat. The deposit portfolio increased by 41.2% to 119.34 million manat, including term client investments increased by 9.8% to 70.53 million manat.

The balance sheet assets reached 44.39 million manat. The total capital grew by 31.1% higher than the 44.13 million manat, and paid charter capital - by 33.3% to 40 million manat.

The bank's earnings were equal to AZN 5.2 mln and the expenditures - AZN 4.9 million, an increase compared with the same period of year 2012, respectively, 23.8% and 25.6%. Net profit after tax increased 66.1% to 324 thousand manats. - 15B -


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