Staff reduction in SOCAR

The total number of employees of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) is 60,077 people, said at today's press conference by the vice -president of SOCAR for the regime, Human Resources and Information Technologies, Khaliq Mamedov, answering the question from Turan agency.

According to him, last year SOCAR leadership adopted a decision on structural reforms, which means gradual transference of  SOCAR management from four-step system to two-step system.

"As a result of these transformations, SOCAR will soon become more flexible, bureaucracy will decrease, and the company will go from the usual "customs and traditions" to commercial footing," said Mammadov.

For January 1, 2013 SOCAR staff totaled 66,234 people; for January 1, 2011, there were 77,140 people. The greatest number of employees was after including in SOCAR the numbers of such departments as  "Azerigaz" (July 2009) and "Azerkhimia" (May 2010.) As a result, for January 1, 2011 SOCAR staff has grown to 79,569 people. For three years the staff of SOCAR decreased by 24.5% or 19,492 people. According to the official records of SOCAR, in 2010 there worked more than 10,000 pensioners, and by 1 January 2014, their number has decreased to 1245 people.

According to Mammadov, the changes in five major departments of SOCAR caused the reduction in 7222 jobs. "However, the social program allowed to employ 6418 people," said the vice-president of SOCAR.

Five hundred and thirty three people are exempt from the work on their own will with compensation on five-fold times of the average wage. Another 108 people wrote letters of resignation on their own, and joined the Program on Employment rescued workers SOCAR. These workers are given opportunity to attend qualification courses during a year and receive 50% of a monthly salary. Another 163 people to be reduced received compensation in the amount of two salaries, and retained the right to get a job in SOCAR. According to the vice-president of SOCAR, during 2014 the company will open 4.376 vacancies.

* By the end of 2012 SOCAR produced 8,289,800 tons of oil and 6,924,600 cubic meters of marketable gas and process 6,172,500 tons of crude oil. According to the international financial institutions, according to the current production data, SOCAR staff should not exceed 35,000 people. - 12C--


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