The apparent dominance of corporate insurance compulsory

BAKU/16.12.13/Turan : In January-November intensified voluntary savings insurance against risk to life and health . Total of 63.82 million manat life insurance premiums accounted for 35.69 million in this segment.

On compulsory insurance against diseases and accidents at work received 22.98 million manat . Some other items life insurance sector look like - Contract for cases of incurable diseases brought 136,73 AZN in case of deaths allocated much more - 5.02 million in aggregate direction gave a sixth part (17.3% ) of all premiums the local insurance market , gathered under contracts before November 1 368.88 million manat .

In absolute terms the new CTP leader and not a traditional voluntary health insurance (VHI ) from 57.1 million manat against the background of cooperation with the state oil company "Pasha Sigorta". On mandatory liability insurance of vehicle owners to third parties collected 65.23 million ( 6.95 million per month ) with the prospect of a thorough manat Overtake main competitor by traffic police .

Voluntary insurance (Hull) for cars collected 51.81 million manat . By the activity of the MES in the leg is the insurance of property against fire - 40.96 million manat. These four ( excluding sector life insurance) provided more than half of delivery premiums ( 58.3%) of all of the insurance market .

Followed by less assimilated types - insurance aircraft collected 11.21 million , cargo insurance - 14.11 million manat .

The main part of the insurance premiums accounted for voluntary insurance - 242.85 million manat. Without taking into account the aforementioned positions , insurance against accidents received 9.86 million manat, voluntary insurance of civil liability of aircraft owners fees totaled 3.66 million manat, insurance ships - 1.27 million manat.

Voluntary insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners received 1.91 million manat , insurance for foreign travel - 1.75 million manat, crop insurance - 459.15 thousand at Pet - 455.05 AZN for other types of voluntary insurance - 1.04 million ( most of the cases of fraud by employees).

Collected as voluntary premium for items such as general liability insurance - 4.19 million manat, employer's liability - 1.35 million manat, professional liability - 534.35 thousand manats. The remaining positions are irrelevant .

Compulsory insurance collected 126.03 million manat, leading to an increase of 12 million in just one month - mainly due to the new CTP . Excluding basic position on compulsory insurance of servicemen collected 15.6 million manat, compulsory insurance of court employees and law enforcement - 9.44 million manat.

On compulsory insurance of property received 12.25 million manat on compulsory insurance of liability of owners of property - 332.3 thousand manats. Insurance of passengers brought 75.29 AZN ( reason for the lag - no real impact on the mechanism of the bus companies ) . - 17D-


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