VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) Launches Bank of Ideas

VTB Azerbaijan Bank from November 25 launches Bank of Ideas . Everyone can take part in the project. Initiators of the most interesting ideas will be awarded cash awards from the Bank. The total size of the prize fund is 3500 AZN.

The prize fund will be distributed in the following categories: "The original idea," "The innovative idea" and "The golden idea".

Thus , a winner in the nomination "Golden Idea" will receive 2000 AZN, winner in the category " Innovative idea of" waiting for a prize of $ 1,000 AZN, proposing the original idea will receive 500 AZN.

To participate in the project, you have to send your suggestions or ideas by e-mail on the following topics bankidey@vtb.az:

any initiative aimed at increasing the speed of customer service in the bank;

expand the product line ;

 improving the quality of service in the bank.

According to the results of the project on March 25 at the head office of the Bank held a solemn ceremony gifts to the participants , who can provide the most interesting ideas . Prizes will be distributed in the following categories : " The original idea ," " innovative idea " and " Golden Idea " .

Project goal - improving the efficiency of the bank, through the involvement of stakeholders in the development of the business process , as well as providing effective feedback from customers to implement best practices and new products in the banking sector .

Director of the Department of Retail Business Development Il'nur Salyakhov: "On the project "Bank of Ideas " we expect to get exciting offers that are sure to be considered at the management level and the most attractive will be selected for implementation ."

JSC VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) is a subsidiary of VTB Bank . Shareholders of JSC VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) are: JSC VTB Bank and JSC "AtaHolding". JSC VTB Bank (Azerbaijan) provides services to clients of corporate business, small business and private clients. Today the bank is represented 4 branches and customer service in the Office of the Head Office. -15D -


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