With the support of PASHA Bank Azerbaijani journalists met with the Financial Times, BBC and Guardian

The project is aimed at strengthening the professional capabilities and skills of the local media, mainly covering the topics of economic and business character, came to an end.

The final stage of the project implemented by one of the largest banks in Azerbaijan - PASHA Bank - in collaboration with the British Council, was the trip of a group of local journalists and representatives of the Bank in the UK. In the framework of the working visit of representatives of local media were able to see not only the experience of their foreign colleagues, but also with the principles of the major organizations and institutions of this country. So, during the week of Azerbaijani journalists have time to visit the international version of well-known media, as Financial Times, BBC, Guardian, attend the meetings of the Parliament of the country, on the London Stock Exchange, at the office of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, on a business dinner with representatives of the Azerbaijani Embassy in the UK and many others

"Adhering to the policy of transparent business and open society, we as a bank are interested in the fact that Azerbaijani journalists covering economic issues had the highest level of knowledge and to have access to the direct exchange of experiences with their foreign counterparts. In this aspect of the project, implemented by PASHA Bank, together with our partners from the British Council, is a great tool to achieve these goals," said at the start of the project Chairman of PASHA Bank Farid Akhundov.

Recall that the main goal of the project is to create a leading group of journalists covering economic and business themes that are acquainted with many years of experience in European colleagues will be able to use their skills in a more professional information and analysis of the ongoing economic reforms in the country and a variety of business processes. The holding of such projects is an important part of social responsibility programs PASHA Bank.

According to the collective decision to participate in the project PASHA Bank and the British Council selected 11 journalists from print and electronic media, as well as radio and television of the country, Azertadzh, AzTV, ANS TV, ITV, Radio Azadlig, Echo , 1 News, Turan, Trend, ANN, and Caspi.

On conducting a new project for the development of the local business journalism will be announced in the 2nd half of the year.

PASHA Bank is a leading corporate bank in Azerbaijan. Founded in 2007, the Bank provides a wide range of corporate banking services, including credit, market operations of securities, asset management and treasury services. In PASHA Bank, represented by its head office and four subsidiaries, operates 207 people. As part of "Europe Banking Awards 2011" and "Europe Banking Awards 2012" was declared the "Best Investment Bank of Azerbaijan."

PASHA Bank is part of a group of companies PASHA - a major investment holding company in Azerbaijan is also widely represented in sectors such as insurance, construction, construction materials, tourism and other areas of business. Capital Bank, one of the largest banks in the retail market of Azerbaijan, also belongs to the group of companies PASHA. -15D -


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